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MSNBC Live Stream

MSNBC is a paid-for cable television news channel based in the United States of America. It provides 24-hour news coverage and in-depth political commentary.

Unlike other news channels, it’s availability is more focused on key markets such as United States, Canada, South Africa, Kenya, Northern Africa, and the Middle East. Although a MSNBC live stream is available across the globe.

MSNBC Background

MSNBC is slightly unusual when compared to other similar news channels. This is because it was originally set up in 1996 as a partnership between Microsoft and General Electric’s NBC unit.

Microsoft took charge of the online element, namely a news website, and NBC the television element. The partnership was a straight 50/50 split between the two respective companies. By 2015, Microsoft has divested itself of its stake within either aspect of the company.

Viewership figures from the same year show that MSNBC is shown in just shy of 100 million households in the USA alone. Which is a staggering 81.2% of all US homes that have a television. Its widely viewed by many commentators as one of the more left-leaning news channels, an antithesis in many ways to Fox news coverage.

MSNBC Programming

MSNBC start primarily as a news channel when it was set up in the late 1990s. However, over the years it’s coverage has been increasingly focused on politics.

This moved seemed to pay dividends as viewership figures dramatically increased during the 2007/8 presidential campaign. During the first three months of the campaign, MSNBC’s rating grew by an impressive 158%. The move also led MSNBC to top CNN in the television ratings for the first time since launching.

However, 2015 marked a big shift in MSNBC’s programming. After Microsoft left the partnership, MSNBC entered into a closer relationship with its parent news corporation NBC news, sharing editorial access.

It also made the move to make MSNBC Live stream for 8 hours a day rather than its customary 4, and it often runs longer to cover any breaking news story in greater detail. They also began to air Dateline Extra an extension to the popular NBC news show.

The online portion of MSNBC still continues to operate today. However, the two entities remain editorially separate from each other. MSNBC’s live stream is available through multiple outlets across the globe. It’s also available in radio format, broadcasting on both XM Satellite Radio and Sirius Satellite Radio.

MSNBC Coverage in Wider Media

MSNBC gained notoriety in 2017 when it became the highest-rated news channel in primetime slots. Beating out both CNN and Fox News.

It hit the headlines again in 2018, when it came the first news channel to completely remove the ticker which traditionally runs across the bottom of the screen with a brief summary of the main headlines.

They cited that they wanted to give viewers “a cleaner view that puts our reporting more front and center … and we want viewers to get the best possible experience”. Other stations have since followed suit for a portion of their programming slots.