ThursdaySeptember 19, 2019
07:00 pm Shark Tank - Episode 920 LIVE NOW
08:00 pm Shark Tank - Episode 716
09:00 pm Shark Tank - Episode 907
10:00 pm Shark Tank - Episode 819
11:00 pm Shark Tank - Episode 714
FridaySeptember 20, 2019
12:00 am Shark Tank - Episode 716
01:00 am Shark Tank - Episode 907
02:00 am Dateline - The Promise - Part 1
03:00 am Dateline - The Promise - Part 2
04:00 am Street Signs - 09-20-2019
05:00 am Worldwide Exchange - 09-20-2019
06:00 am Squawk Box - 09-20-2019
09:00 am Squawk on the Street - 09-20-2019
11:00 am Squawk Alley - 09-20-2019
12:00 pm Fast Money Halftime Report - 09-20-2019
01:00 pm The Exchange - 09-20-2019
02:00 pm Power Lunch - 09-20-2019
03:00 pm Closing Bell - 09-20-2019
05:00 pm Fast Money - 09-20-2019
05:30 pm Options Action
06:00 pm Mad Money - 09-20-2019
07:00 pm American Greed - Paul Manafort
08:00 pm American Greed - The House Flipping Reality Star Fraudster
09:00 pm American Greed - The College Admissions Scandal
10:00 pm American Greed - Scams on Film; God and Gold
11:00 pm American Greed - The House Flipping Reality Star Fraudster

Watch CNBC live stream for free. is the companion website to the financial network. It was launched in 1996 with minimal content, other than showing program grids, host biographies and basic network images (on the internet, business news then was handled by, which later became The site gradually progressed alongside internet technology, giving investors more useful information such as stock quotes, news bulletins, in-depth programming information and a whole host of other data.

CNBC provides a variety of programs throughout the business day. Live programming is broadcast on weekdays from 4 am until 7 pm and provides reports on U.S. businesses, updates of stock market indices and commodities prices, interviews with CEOs and business leaders, and commentary from many investment professionals.

In addition to the domestic U.S. feed, various localized versions of CNBC also operate, serving different regions and countries. NBCUniversal is the owner, or a minority stakeholder, in many of these versions.

n January 6, 2015, the Wall Street Journal reported that CNBC would be partnering with Cogent Research to calculate the viewership of its business day programming by surveying financial advisers and investors. This change will help to provide a more accurate measurement of the network’s out-of-home viewership; Nielsen will still be used to track the viewership of its entertainment programming.

The channel also maintains the “CNBC Investor Network”, a series of webcam connections to the trading rooms of various independent financial institutions across the United States. The scheme was launched on October 22, 2007 and allows participating traders and strategists to appear on the network during the business day.

CNBC’s breakout hit among its original series is Mad Money. Hosted by money manager Jim Cramer, the hour-long show gives stock advice to viewers who call to the program. The show also has a popular segment called “The Lightning Round”. In August 2007, Cramer’s on-air tirade about the weakening economy, which was seen during the “Stop Trading” segment on Street Signs, received national attention and helped galvanize widespread support for the Federal Reserve Board to cut interest rates.